A small but mighty local bike shop located in the historic Calgary neighbourhood of Inglewood.


What makes us different than every other shop in Alberta is what we are not: While we retail beautiful and practical bicycles, don’t expect rows of bikes lining the walls and ceilings. We specialize in a more consultative, boutique approach tailored specifically for your needs.

Our Vision

To INSPIRE our clients by sharing our knowledge and experience. To EMPOWER our clients with great products and service.

Our Mantra

Cycling is about the journey, not only the destination. Take time to enjoy the trip and appreciate the “the space between the notes”.


Go Riding Now!

Are you looking for routes to ride in Calgary and surrounding areas? Check out our self-guided routes here.

Did you purchase your bike from us??

Every new bicycle receives one full year of complimentary tuneups and adjustments to keep your machine running in tip top condition. We want to see you more than once a year - book early, book often. Repair services are by-appointment-only.


Buy Local. Support Local. It Matters.

Buying from a locally owned business conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging. Local business owners know you, and you know them. Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money available to beautify your community. Your purchases at small independent retailers help your neighbours, your community, and your city remain sustainable, resilient, and prosperous.

Our shop houses a unique collection of gravel/bikepacking/touring bikes and gear, cargo bikes and utility bikes, electric bikes for all, city and commuting bikes, child hauling options, high quality kids bikes and world-class accessories to satisfy all your cycling needs.


What makes us different?


We feature a bicycle purchasing experience that is perhaps a little slower, aiming to be a little more thoughtful, an extensive range of bicycle brands to choose from, custom assembly services, and products that are specific to everyday cycling, exploring your community, or exploring the world - even with your children.

Your dream bike.


When you come to our shop, you are getting an experience you won’t receive at a typical bike shop. You are getting the care and attention required to build the exact bike you are looking for, perfectly tailored to your specific needs.



Repair Services & Maintenance

Please provide as much information as you can on the service required, including the make and model of the bike, anything specific you know is needed - the more information we can get before you arrive, the better. We aim to have your bike back to you within a few days.


On our adventures, we stop to smell the roses.


We hate to toot our own horn…

Unique and amazing shop with hands down the coolest bikes, including cargo bikes that will put your dad's truck to shame! They're totally devoted to fostering Calgary's bike community, and it's clear this is more than just a business. Plus, they take care of you when you need it - like every bike shop this spring, they're absolutely slammed, but took time to make sure I got my work bike back on the road the same day. I always send my friends here first when they're in need of a bike.

— Matthew Hicks

This shop means a lot to the city for a lot of reasons. Both Nadia and Sean have done and continue to great things for the bike community for Calgary. They know what they sell and do exactly that very well, amazingly with just the 2 of them. If you're looking for an experience where people take the time to fit you with EXACTLY what you need, this is the place for you! And Monsieur for PM!

— Jesse Gleeson

A small local business with a nice selection of specialty and niche bikes. The staff are very knowledgeable and kind. They'll ensure that you get the perfect bike for you, and keep it maintained for years to come. Although the store is small they have a good selection of bike bags, saddlebags, bells, bungees, and helmets to ensure you're set to ride. I’m a happy customer who will continue biking from across the city to shop here. Keep up the great work guys!

— Kenzie Whicker